Lösung von Spaniomenorrhö als unvorhergesehenes Ergebnis der OMT des Psoas-Muskels

Lösung von Spaniomenorrhö als unvorhergesehenes Ergebnis der OMT des Psoas-Muskels

Immediate Solution of Spaniomenorrhea as an Unforeseen Outcome of the Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment of the Psoas Muscle for Acute Non-specific Low-back pain: A Case Report.
Armeni M.1,2, De Iasio G.3, Civitillo C.4


INTRODUCTION: Non-specific acute low-back pain affects a wide range of the population. The Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment is indicated as one of the Gold Standards for prevention and conservative solution of such a pathology. Spaniomenorrhea is a multifactor aetiology condition very common among seemingly healthy women, identified as a progressively prolonged time lapse between menstrual periods, quantified in 6-8 weeks, which could lead to amenhorrea. This report is the first case described in bio-medic literature of delayed menstruation incidentally resolved by manipulation of the psoas muscle.

CASE HISTORY: In this report we present the case of a fit 50-year-old woman who comes for her afternoon treatment for localized, non-specific, non-traumatic acute low-back pain. Because of the somato-somatic and somato-visceral physiologic links, and the role the ileo-psoas muscle has in the multiple lumbar dynamics , the authors, after careful osteopathic-postural evaluation, opt for a myofascial normalization first of the left psoas muscle focusing on the hip-bone, and then of the right psoas muscle.

OUTCOME: The woman immediately feels a net improvement of her lumbar pain with total function recovery. 6-8 hours after the treatment her menstrual flow unexpectedly comes back abundant and fully normalized as reported at the next follow-up.

CONCLUSIONS: This Case-Report shows a possible close anatomic- physiologic clinical link between menstrual irregularity, low-back pain and psoas muscle.


1 Istituto Terapie Craniosacrali, Via dei Colli s.n.c. 04010 Norma (LT) Italia
2 EDUCAM (C.R.O.M.O.N. – S.Os.I. – A.I.R.O.P.),Via Giacinto De Vecchi Pieralice 21, 00167 (RM) Italia
3,4 Accademia Europea Medicina Osteopatica, Via Gramsci 22, Aversa (CE) Italia

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